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Modul Yuzhny

St. Petersburg




Total area – 12 6500 m²

Total length of railway siding – 3,1 km.

Heated warehouse, Class A Total area 20 386 m²

Non-heated warehouse Total area 9 446 m²

Container yard Total area 41 000 m²

Annual capacity:

  • 60 000 TEU
  • 420 000 tonnes of general cargoes


Sea Port

Located in 12 km from the Sea Port of St.Petersburg MODUL Yuzhny Complex offers prompt delivery from/to the main sea-gate of the North-Western Federal District of Russia.

Railway Stations

The Terminal is in close proximity to the railway stations Shushary and Kupchinskaya.

High road

The Terminal Complex MODUL Yuzhny has a vivid advantage of easy reach. The main approach roads - Moskovskoye Highway and Ring Road - ensure prompt approach to the main regional roads.



The Terminal Complex MODUL Yuzhny is fitted with equipment for handling all types of cargo.

  • Reach stackers
  • Loaders
  • Pallet transporters
  • Lift trucks  with a lifting capacity of  1.8 t
  • Lift trucks  with a lifting capacity of  4.5 t
  • Lift trucks  with a lifting capacity of  10 t
  • Reach stackers, lifting capacity 45 t
  • Ttruck cranes, lifting capacity 35 t
  • Container trucks TFN, lifting capacity 10 t
  • Shunting locomotive TEM-15 М
  • WMS system – LogisticVisionSuite

The Terminal possesses all necessary equipment for the weight control of VGM.

Handling operations are managed at the rail tracks and at truck area simultaneously. The specialized area at the territory of the complex is equipped with a plug in system to connect and store temperature controlled containers. There is a possibility for interim storage of refrigerated cargoes and further rail transportation by refrigerated container trains or by truck.

All the handling equipment has a complete set of rigging appliances which help to handle all types of unitized heavy-lift and out-of-gauge cargoes.

Special system Joloda is used to pack cargoes up to 27 t into containers without forklift trucks at one scoop. The lifting jacks, hydraulic system and roll-trailers are operated by several workers only.

Operational excellence and high reputation of our personnel will become the best guarantee for the long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.



Multifunctional Terminal and Logistics Complex MODUL Yuzhny is located in 12 km from the Sea Port of St.Petersburg in proximity to the railway stations Kupchinskaya and Shushary and to main roads of the city.

The Terminal is fitted with the most-up-todate equipment and offers full range of handling
services, which are carried out by skilled personnel.

Poselkovaya Str. 8, Shushary, St.Petersburg