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Dangerous goods

Over 25 years «Modul» has gained extensive experience in transporting dangerous goods of different hazard classes supported by all the necessary licenses and highly specialized stuff.

Our advantages

  • Elaboration of tailored solutions in logistic schemes to deliver dangerous goods
  • Appraisal and advice about conformity of documents for dangerous goods
  • Transshipment of dangerous goods at own terminal facility
  • Development of schemes to allocate and secure dangerous cargoes on all means of transport
  • Approval of schemes to allocate and secure dangerous goods in Expert Organizations
  • Cooperation with Expert Organizations in connection with transportation of dangerous goods:Central Scientific and Research Institute of Merchant Marine, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, Sea Freight Committee, Russian Register

Hazard classes:

1. explosive substances and products;

2. gases;

3. highly flammable liquids;

4.1 highly flammable solids;

4.2 autogenous substances;

4.3 dangerous when wet;

5.1 oxidizing agents;

5.2 organic peroxides;

6.1 toxic substances;

6.2 infectious substances;

7 radioactive materials I, II and III hazard level;

8 corrosive substances;

9 other hazardous substances and products.

Completed projects

Operational excellence and high reputation of our personnel will become the best guarantee for the long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.


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Our competent employees will find the most intelligent and effective solution for your logistics requirements.

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Our competent employees will find the most intelligent and effective solution for your logistics requirements.

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