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MODUL maintains the AE-19 service, and launches new regular train routes

   The transit corridor between the Pacific and the Baltic coasts of the Russian Federation continues in full operation and moves forward: the transcontinental service operates daily now.

   Twelve days is an average time of cargo delivery by fast container trains from Nakhodka (Port Vostochny) to Saint Petersburg (Avtovo railway station). Additionally, other regular services have been launched with departures 5-6 times a week, such as:


Nakhodka – Novy Port railway station,

Nakhodka – Kupchinskaya railway station,

Nakhodka – Predpostovaya railway station.


  In the opposite direction the expedited container trains dispatch from Avtovo and Predportovaya railway stations.

 Refrigerated cargoes and dangerous goods (excl. hazard classes 1, 5.2, 6.2, 7) are also accepted for transportation.