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New 6th edition of the book by Prof. E.L.Limonov “International trade operations in maritime transport and multimodal freight”

   MODUL Company has published the 6th edition of the book by Professor Eduard Limonov “FOREIGN TRADE OPERATIONS IN SEA TRANSPORT AND MULTIMODAL FREIGHT”. This book is not only recommended as a course book for high schools with specialization in Transport and Logistics as well as in Foreign Trade, but also for several decades it has been a reference book and a manual for employees in various forwarding, brokerage, shipping and foreign trade companies.

   «With the next edition of this book we pay the tribute of respect to our teacher Professor Eduard Limonov who laid down the fundamental goals and guidelines for the work of our transport and freight forwarding company, thanks to which MODUL has been successfully in business for almost three decades and keeps growing and developing», - said Alexander Altshuller, General Director of MODUL.

   The first and the second editions of this book were published in 1997 and 2000 correspondingly. Professor E.L.Limonov wrote the introduction to the third and the last lifetime edition of his book in 2006.

   MODUL team – Prof.Limonov’s, students, colleagues and associates – updated the content of each subsequent edition in accordance with the current national and international legal framework and business practices, supplementing it with new chapters in view of the global development. For example, the 6th edition, in addition to adjusting a number of sections, includes a new chapter "IT Solutions in Logistics".