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MODUL sends passenger cars to Egypt

   This June MODUL is delivering a shipment of passenger cars to Alexandria, Egypt. This batch is split between two vessels and voyages: 22 cars were sent from Saint Petersburg on June 7, and 10 more cars are planned for dispatch in the middle of the month.

   The passenger cars were produced at Tver Carriage Works (TVZ). At the territory of the manufacturer, MODUL and its contractors performed a pre-trip processing of cargo, loaded railcar bodies and bogies on low loaders.

   Railcars were delivered to the terminal of PLP located in the Sea Port of Saint Petersburg by road. MODUL specialists selected the route of transportation, received permits for movement of OOG cargo by road, coordinated with Russian Railways the passage of vehicles to the terminals of PetroLesPort over a railway crossing (bypassing the tunnel).

   At the territory of PLP, MODUL specialists certified by TVZ assembled railcars and conducted control tests of their brake systems. In order to ensure high quality and safe transportation our engineers designed and manufactured shipping supports for bedding and blocking rail cars, developed schemes to load and secure cargo on multipurpose (MPP) vessels, designed and manufactured optional equipment – lifting frames (with lifting capacity of 50 tonnes) in order to perform loading operations. The railway cars (22 units) were loaded on board of MPV BBC Bahrain with help of the mobile crane Liebherr LMH550 within 2 working shifts (24 hours).

   The rolling stock will be delivered to the port of Alexandria approximately in a month. MODUL’s contractors will unload railcars from the vessel onto railway tracks of the Egyptian stevedoring company.

   Until the end of 2020 TVZ will produce some more batches of passenger cars for Egypt. TVZ is a part of Transmashholding JSC. The Russia-Hungary consortium, Transmashholding Hungary Kft. has secured a five-year contract to produce and deliver 1300 passenger cars to Egyptian National Railways (ENR) until 2023.

   One half of railcars will be manufactured at the production unit in Tver. This is the largest contract in the history of the Russian railcar building for production and delivery of passenger cars to foreign countries.