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Electronic custom seals with GLONASS navigating technology are successfully used on the АЕ19 service

   MODUL has implemented a pilot project for transit transportation of sanctioned products using electronic custom seals with GLONASS navigating technology. One 40ft container from Finland was delivered via the Big Port of Saint Petersburg, where at the Customs Point Turukhtannyy it was electronically sealed for further shipment. As part of a regular container train within the AE19 service the container was sent to Port Vostochny, and further – as soon as the electronic custom seal was removed – to South Korea. The route and status information of the electronic navigation custom seal was available to all parties of the transportation. Russian-made electronic navigation custom seals were used for this project.

  This pilot will increase efficiency and improve attractiveness of Russia's transit opportunities for shippers and carriers of cargo – the digital technologies used will provide access to legally relevant information about the process of transit and ensure its integration with the information systems of supervisory authorities.

  The national system for tracking the transport of sanctioned products with help of electronic custom seals with GLONASS navigating technology is created as part of the implementation of the Presidential Decree No.290 of 24 June 2019. The requirements for service providers and the procedure for sealing electronic custom seals are defined in the Order No.13 of Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation dated 14.01.2020.