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Modul, Maersk and Global Ports have sent the first transit container block train from Europe to Asia

   The first train with transit cargoes from Europe to Asia was sent from Saint-Petersburg on 28 March, as part of the regular container service AE19 (a joint project of Modul, Maersk and Global Ports).

   The train with 37 TEUs of transit containers loaded with timber and chemical products from the Nordic countries left the FCT port terminal (part of Global Ports Group) in Saint Petersburg to the terminal of VSC (part of Global Ports Group)  in the Russian Fas East. Upon arrival at the Vostochny Port these containers will be transferred onto vessels for delivery to Korea and Japan.

   The АЕ19 service was launched in August 2019 to deliver international transit cargoes from Asia to Europe via the ports of Vostochny and Saint Petersburg in Russia. Until recently this service was used only for westbound shipments from Asia to Europe. However as the service has been experiencing a steady growth since the beginning of 2020, it has enabled deliveries in the opposite direction from Asia to Europe as well.

   The total transit time from the ports of North Europe to the ports of Korea and Japan will make 23-32 days, compared to 52-57 days of the traditional ocean transit via Suez Canal.

   The next shipment of transit cargoes from Saint Petersburg to Vostochny Port is scheduled for 8 April, after which it will be carried out once every two weeks.