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MODUL Delivers OOG to Mongolia

MODUL has forwarded a project cargo – a support ring – to Mongolia by order of «TransTechnoMarket» Ltd. The unit weighting 22 tonnes was transported from the territory of the plant Izhorsky Zavod, Kolpino to St.Petersburg, and further to Erdenet, Mongolia.

The support ring was transloaded at the territory of the MODUL Pulkovsky Terminal and Logistics Complex, which is fitted with the most-up-to-date handling equipment. Taking into account the configuration of the support ring a depressed well railcar was selected for its further rail transportation.

The design of the railcar allows transporting OOG units weighting from 61 to 120 tonnes, and provides means for lowering the trailing load as low as possible towards the railway roadbed, thus minimizing its overall height, and enables safely securing loads with unstable base. 

The depressed well railcar is equipped with U-shaped main beam with expansion bearings inside. Sheet metal rakers are mounted and bolted to the side walls of the main beam and the expansion bearings. That way, the load is loaded into the railcar supported by expansion bearings and rakers.

The load is secured against lower supports and side walls with welded cross bars, gusset plates, channel bars etc.

The project to transport the support ring with diameter of 5 m and width of 1 m was elaborated with due consideration of the railcar design.

The unique structural features of the load - the minor surface bearing (295mm only), internal thread and extruding elements going outside overall diameter – were taken into consideration in the project.

To ensure the geometry of transportation, steady position of the load, and its secure mounting MODUL engineers have offered to use a construction of lengthwise and cross welded beams supporting the position of the ring.

The project of transportation and securing was agreed with the Department of Heavy and OOG Transportations of the Russian Railways in Moscow and approved by the Administration of the Oktyabrskaya Railway.

When loading the ring was uptilted with help of a reach stacker equipped with mounted frame and chain slings and was inserted into the railcar with precise accuracy to gauge as projected. The slinging method allowed avoiding the thread connection.

The ring was upheld by the reach staker when prefabricated metal fastening means were laid into the railcar, checked for positioning reliability and finally welded.

The load was duly accepted for transportation by special commission of the Russian Railways.

Loading of cargo into depressed well railcars is a complex technical and organizational task demanding high-class qualification of staff as well as significant material and technical facilities.

MODUL company has got vast experience in transporting heavy and OOG cargoes and is always ready to offer full range of services in such deliveries. This helps company to stand out among its competitors. Long–term partners always highly appreciate work of MODUL experts.