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MODUL has taken part in the Chemtech Gujrat WorldExpo 2016

 The international Exhibition and the Conference of chemical industry Chemtech Gujrat WorldExpo 2016 took place at the GujratUniversityExhibitionHall in Ahmedabad, India from 10 through 12 February 2016.

The Exhibition was attended by industry experts - heads and engineers of chemistry labs, representatives of industrial enterprises, state organizations, government departments, industrial associations and companies from India and other countries of Asia, Europe and CIS, as well as entrepreneurs and business managers of textile, agricultural, food producing, pharmaceutical, petrochemistry, mining and metallurgical enterprises, construction companies etc.

Within the event the leading specialists of MODUL were introducing our services of shipping and handling cargoes in tank-containers. Transportation in tank-containers is an advanced and highly efficient solution for shippers and consignees of liquid bulk chemicals, therefore the exhibition stand of MODUL attracted a lot of visitors and exhibitors.

MODUL provides all kinds of transport operations with tank-containers: transporting by road, rail and sea, storage and warehousing, insurance, customs clearing and survey services, receiving and sending of tank-containers (including pre-heated) with dangerous goods to/from the terminal of the company. Among other things the company has got approved special conditions to deliver any type of cargo in tank-containers with Russian Railways.

Alongside with the logistics operations with tank-containers the company offers services involving cleaning, repair, maintenance and periodic survey of tank-containers.

Services are performed by skilled personnel at the specialized area with capacity of more than 100 containers per day. The cleaning includes mechanical removal of contaminants, wall washing and reagentizing. Upon completion of cleaning the corresponding documents are provided. Repair services imply any complexity of work from simplified to full. Only certified details from original manufacturers are used. Regular survey of tank-containers is a mandatory condition to use tank-containers at the territory of the Russian Federation.

MODUL was the only Russian company, which represented its services at the Chemtech Gujrat WorldExpo 2016 in India.

MODUL has taken part in the Chemtech Gujrat WorldExpo 2016