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MODUL Co.Ltd has received a “Certificate of Firm Conformity to requirements of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping in survey of tank-containers”

Modul Co.Ltd continues to develop the maintenance area for tank-containers at its Terminal and Logistic Facility.

In January 2016 Modul Co. Ltd has received  the Certificate of Firm Conformity with the requirements of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping as a Firm engaged in periodical 2,5 and 5 years survey of tank-containers and their stop and pressure relief valves in specialized shop of the company.

Certificate of Firm Conformity  to requirements of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping in survey of tank-containers

Regular survey of tank-containers can be made only by a Certified Company and is a mandatory condition to use tank-containers at the territory of the Russian Federation.

In the nearest time the Company awaits to receive a similar Certificate of Conformity from Germanischer Lloyd.

The specialized maintenance area for tank-containers of Modul Co. Ltd is a division of the Company which offers services for cleaning, repair, survey and other maintenance of tank-containers.

Regular survey of tank-containers  services for cleaning of tank-containers

Modul Co.Ltd offers the following services for cleaning of tank-containers:

  • Mechanical cleaning of inside and outside surfaces of a tank-container from solid cargo residues
  • Removal of dangerous cargo residues, decontamination and degasification
  • Tank cleaning with necessary reagents

Services for maintenance and repair involve works of any complexity - from simplified to full:

  • Outside repair of tank-containers
  • Periodic leakage and pressure tests
  • Tank wall polishing
  • Wall thickness measurement
  • Repairs of stop and pressure relief valves (only genuine materials FortVale are used)

The repairs are carried out at the specialized area with capacity of 100 containers per day. Our skilled personnel are accordingly trained. Only certified details and equipment are used for repair.


Upon completion of cleaning, repair and survey of tank-containers the following documents are provided:

  • Work completion photo report
  • Tamper-evident sealing
  • Tank survey certificate
  • Certificate of Conformity to the requirements of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
  • Certificate of Cleanliness (bilingual)
  • Periodic leakage and pressure test certification (in case the tests were performed)

Modul Co. Ltd is uniquely positioned to perform transport operations with tank-containers.

  • Transportation by means of own road and rail transport
  • Storage, customs clearance, cargo insurance
  • Possibility to heat the cargo up to the necessary temperature (not exceeding 1400 С)
  • Possibility to receive & send tank-containers with dangerous goods at and from the terminal of Modul Co.Ltd

Modul has got approved special conditions to deliver any type of cargo in tank-containers with Russian Railways