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MODUL terminal in Arkhangelsk gathers pace

MODUL Company started operation at its new terminal in Arkhangelsk.

The first cargo consignment – dressed packaged lumber – was delivered on trucks from the manufacturer’s warehouse in the Arkhangelsk region. At the terminal the cargo was reloaded by own 5 tons lifting capacity fork-lift truck into 40’ container, and dispatched to St.Petersburg by railway to the FirstContainerTerminal for export.

The MODUL terminal in Arkhangelsk has been put in service quite recently. The total area of the complex is 12 000 m2, container capacity – up to 1000 TEU. The terminal has an open storage warehouse, own railway depot and railway tracks with total length of over 3 500 m. Various lifting and handling equipment include VALMET container lifting truck with lifting capacity of 41 ton.

The terminal offers a wide range of services for container transportation: receiving import cargoes, storage, unloading and packing containers, distribution with trucks over the region customs clearance, sending cargoes with container trains.

MODUL Company started operation at its new terminal in Arkhangelsk